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A growing group of island arts councils
Working together on digital innovation
Dreaming of an arts + culture super-region

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Our groundbreaking arts impact study is done!
Click here for the executive summary, slide deck and key findings infographic.

We are a group of Vancouver Island and Gulf Island arts councils interested in using technology to transform how we operate, collaborate and communicate.

In March 2020 we received multi-phase funding from the Canada Council for the Arts Digital Strategy Fund. Our project is gathering momentum, with new partners and projects coming on board virtually every day.

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Phase 2 involves several major projects, and is nearing completion. Read the Phase 1 research findings summary here or the more in-depth report here.

Keep scrolling for descriptions of each, and e-mail us for more detailed information.  



IT Assessment

and Optimization

what we're up to

We just completed an IT assessment of our member arts councils. We hired a fabulous local IT expert to work with each council to review their current technology toolkit (are the tools meeting expectations? being used to their full potential?) and assess any gaps or challenges.

Through these discussions, we aimed to find ways to use technology to make our jobs easier and enable us to do more together. Moving forward, we will leverage the knowledge and successes of the independent arts councils for the benefit of the entire group.
Want to hear about what we learned?

Check out the summary here. 

Interested in your own IT audit? Contact us!


Economic Impact Assessment

of the Arts Sector

Have you ever wondered about the value artists and arts organizations contribute to our economy? To tourism, general well-being and community? We just completed a groundbreaking study that will answer this question and provide our arts ecosystem with vital data that will enable us to leverage all sorts of new collaborations and innovations.

Click here for the executive summary, slide deck and key findings infographic.


Creative Coast

It’s a challenging time for artists and arts administrators. Even before Covid-19 many of us were falling behind in our uptake of new technologies. Now there’s an enhanced sense of urgency to learn skills vital to thriving in this digital world. The good news is that we’re in this together! We’re launching an arts-focused technology helpdesk in late spring. Other sectors have benefited from tech support for decades. Now it’s our turn. 

Be in the know when our helpdesk is live.

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Our Phase 1 research study says we’ve got all the right ingredients for incredible digital collaboration.

Our growing database of grant writers is at your service. These local writers can also help with content and social media strategies.

We’re using the same survey tool to shape our helpdesk that Taiwan used to launch a digital revolution! 

More details coming September 2021.

We’ve created a website

privacy policy guidebook for our

members to use. You can use it too. 

Template included!

Check out the summary of our

IT Assessment. 

Check out the highlights from our

BIG May 10th Arts Impact Launch


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Download the Infographic of the
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